If I want to bring a group, how do I start to arrange a trip?
The best way to start is to complete the form in the Get a Quote section. We’ll send you a quote and then we’ll give you a call so we can discuss the particulars of your trip.
When you say custom trip what do you mean?
A custom trip is one in which we listen to you, to create the sort of tour that interests your group. We are not offering a ‘cookie cutter’ trip but a special order one, it’s your group’s interests that are important
Can I just rent the property and not have you arrange any trips or meals for my group?
Absolutely. We’ll send you directions for getting to Maison d’Aliénor. We’ll meet you at the door, show you around and give you the keys. And then you’re on your own to enjoy the Dordogne as you wish.
How much time do you need to arrange a trip?
The sooner you book, the better the chances are that you’ll get the exact dates you want. Our season is limited—from May through October and only one group is in residence at the property at any one time.
How much lead time is good to arrange a trip for my group?
People generally like to begin planning well in advance, so the best time to start organizing your trip is as soon as possible. Then the members of your group can get started organizing their international travel plans, and if necessary, renewing their passports.
What is the general cost of a custom trip at Maison d’Aliénor?
The trip cost for your group has 5 separate categories: 

  1. The cost of renting the property for the length of your trip;
  2. The cost of any meals you would like us to provide at the property or a restaurant or a winery, etc.
  3. The cost of a custom itinerary for your group;
  4. The cost of any transportation we provide.
  5. The costs associated with your desired activities such as entry fees, guided tours & tastings

You will see all the activities you request as line items so you may decide what makes sense for your group’s budget.

What is the average cost of a holiday per person?
It all depends upon what you want to include in your holiday, and how many people are in your group. For example, you might just wish to rent the property for a week.  Or, you might prefer that we pick you up at the airport, provide all breakfasts, some lunches, most dinners, daily activities with transportation, including entry fees and guides, etc. Or something in between.  Just give us a call and we will work with you to create a holiday that best suits your group’s requirements and interests.
As a group coordinator, do I pay?
Our price to you is a wholesale one. If you choose, you can price the trip so that your costs are paid for by the members of your group.
What is the closest city to Maison d’Aliénor?
Bordeaux is the closest major city that has an international airport and train station (for TGV trains).
How do we get to Maison d’Aliénor from Bordeaux?
If you are arriving in Bordeaux without a car, we can arrange to pick your group up in Bordeaux for the 90 minute drive to Maison d’Aliénor. 

If you wish to rent a car or van in Bordeaux, all major car rental companies have offices at the Bordeaux Airport and Train Station.

What will the weather be like when we are there?
Most days start out cool. Evenings are long and even in summer, the nights are refreshingly cool. It does rain occasionally. To find out what the weather will be like the week you will be at Maison d’Aliénor, go to www.weather.com and type in Bergerac (the closest town to us on this website) for a forecast.