We can help plan your trip.

Over the past quarter century that we have lived in this region, we have come to know the locals, so we can take you behind the tourist facade, to experience the real Dordogne.

For over a decade, we’ve created unique, off the beaten path tours for Food Lovers and Culture Buffs; Artists and Wine Enthusiasts.

Come face to face with prehistoric manʼs efforts to understand his world through art in cave paintings. And we’ll show you the real thing…..

We’ll introduce you to Fabienne, the proprietor of the last remaining watermill in the area that makes finest quality art paper the old fashioned way, by hand. Instead of explaining the process, Fabienne will show you!

We can take you to an Abby where Trappist Nuns make a creamy smooth artisanal cheese, then soak it in walnut liqueur, another traditional specialty of the region.

We can take you to the only market where Monsieur Martin sells the bread he creates from scratch—from the grain he plants in his field and harvests, to the wheat he makes from it then grinds into flour, from the flour he forms into bread to bake the freshest loaves possible.

We can introduce you to Titeuf, the labrador who searches for truffles with his master, Monsieur Aynaud.

We can arrange a wine tasting at a winery where the Count will regale you with tales of the chateau’s role in prehistoric rites, then serve you some of the best wines anywhere.

We can take you to a winery where the owner will share her journey from wine novice—take out the cork—to producer of award wining wines.

For a sample itinerary to get some ideas for your own group, here is a a tour we are currently offering:
A Culinary Vacation with Janet Fletcher