We can help plan your transportation.

Arriving in Bergerac by air or train?
We can pick your group up at Bergerac airport, train station, center town for the 30 minute drive.
Renting a car or van in Bordeaux?
Car rental agencies have offices at the Bordeaux Airport and Train Station.
Renting a car or van in Bergerac?
Car rental agencies have offices at the Bergerac Airport & Train Station.
Field Trips
We’re happy to arrange for transportation to all of your sightseeing destinations. Our French tour bus company has the right size vehicle to meet your group’s requirements.
Dinners out & Shopping excursions
We’re happy to arrange a private car or bus to take individuals or groups to dining destinations or on shopping excursions.
Quick trips to town and back
We’re only a 45 minute stroll to the nearest village with all amenities, Eymet. Perhaps you might like to walk into town and when you’re ready, we can arrange a taxi to bring you home—it’s easy to do! Prefer to take the taxi both ways? We’ll arrange it for you.