Discover the past!

Count the strokes a prehistoric artist used to create a hand. March through battlefields of the 100 Years War. Imagine hauling furniture from one chateau to another when his lordship changes residences!

Birthplace of Prehistoric Art—Cave Paintings
Travel deep into the earth. Stand on the spot where our prehistoric ancestors recreated their world over 25,000 years ago. Marvel at how caves as canvas expressed the stories of their lives Explore.

Troubadours and Eleanor of Aquitaine
Wander along cobble stoned streets, smoothed by centuries of footsteps, horse hooves and wagon wheels. Peak into courtyards and gardens—a rich riot of pink and red roses, drooping lilac wisteria blossoms. Arrive in time for the weekly Farmers Market—thick stalks of white asparagus, bright red cherries bursting with flavor, cheeses gooey and ripe.

Land of 1001 Chateaux
Stride into the massive courtyard, high atop a hill overlooking the mighty Dordogne River, marvel at the view. Built to defend itself, look across the river to see an equally imposing structure glowering back! A few centuries later, Renaissance Chateaux, open and inviting—delight in their manicured French gardens and beautiful parterres.

St. Cirq Lapopie

 St. Cirq Lapopie
 Eyrignac Manor Gardens
 View of Dordogne River Valley
 Chateau Hautefort
 Bergerac Eglise detail
 Eymet center square
Prehistoric painting, Grotte de Pech Merle
Fayrac Chateau, Beynac
Pedestrian walkway, Beaumont
Bergerac seen from the Dordogne River
Chateau Hautefort
Chateau de Beynac