Rediscover how to relax!

Grab a map and plan your route. Take time to smell the fresh air and gaze at the sunflowers and symmetrical rows of grapevines. The Dordogne is a walkers, hikers, bikers and canoeists, delight.

Walks and Hikes and Bikes
Stroll along a peaceful country lane; hike a footpath in the steps of 11th century knights, bike on roads with slow moving tractors hauling huge rolls of hay. Pass by menhirs, as mysterious as Stonehenge, and fresh water springs with stone lavoirs where village women brought their washing.

Drifting slowly down the river, taking in hidden sites and serene sections of the river, not visible any other way. Before you set off, stop at a farmers market, gather a wedge of brie and a slice of country pate, a baguette and a strawberry tart for dessert. Then, when you find the perfect spot for a picnic, you’ll be ready.

Biking on peaceful country roads
Floating along the Dordogne River
Hike to and through the charming villages of the Dordogne