Feast Your Senses—Anywhere and Everywhere.

Stroll through a garden of lavender, roses & wild flowers. Discover fruit trees waiting patiently for your tug. Pop sun kissed cherries into your mouth, or honey colored apricots. Try figs, warm & luscious, green & black; pluck walnuts from drooping branches.

Plunge into the pool; inspect an ancient well. Find a millstone overwhelmed by blossoms and a once loved sink sitting, abandoned. Stake out a shaded spot on a terrace or under a parasol; read or snooze, sip a glass of wine or chat with a new friend.

Maison dʼAlienor includes:

  • Two story 18th century Farmhouse with 5 bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, salon with library, dining terraces.
  • Grange with 4 bedrooms and Gourmet Kitchen with dining room & terrace
  • Atelier/Studio that comfortably accommodates 18 for creative activities
  • Swimming pool, gardens with fruit trees
Maison d'Alienor

This is a legend

Maison d'Alienor
Corn husker with ancient well
Sunflowers in the mist
Lavender and wisteria
Grange Terrace
Maison d'Alienor from the pool
View of Grange
Farmhouse terrace
Looking out onto the field in the morning mist
View from farmhouse bedroom window
Barns and sunflower fields
A painter's paradise
Lavender by the pool
Our field of hay
Wisteria blossoms over the window
Farmhouse Atilier Grange Pool